Our Network

ProIFALL is collaborating with local organisation in Örkelljunga. ProIFALL would like to eliminate any confusion between IFALL and ProIFALL. Please read the following statement from the board of IFALL and ProIFALL;

“IFALL is an NGO for everyone’s interest. IFALL develops continuously in local and international areas. There are 10 local activities a week and has had 10 projects over the past 4 years.  During these years IFALLs volunteers and leaders have become experts in different areas and topics. This has led to another organisation called Pro IFALL. The main purpose of Pro FALL is to make available for use alternative non-formal education methods and work for project development. It is a company that works for training and providing experts to IFALL and other NGOs, schools and municipalities in Sweden and the EU. We would like to emphasise the difference between IFALL and Pro IFALL publicly and if you would like to know more please contact Necmettin Meletli Chairman in IFALL.”