We’ll Let Youth In


Recent Updates 31st May;

Lokal Evenemang : We ‘ll Let Youth In (WLYI)

Participants have invited to experience outcomes of KA2 project call WLYI.There has been several session during the period of May – June.

Main target group was youth workers and youth themselves.Participant involved in several workshops and practises which has been already established during timeline of project.

Promoting empowerment, open to cross-sectorial cooperation, and active citizenship of young people- the project aims at fostering a comprehensive approach to the empowerment and inclusion of disadvantaged NEET youngsters by exchanging best practices, knowledge and NFE tools among social.

We had first meeting in July 2017 to push to start button !!

In the context of the 24 months of the present Strategic Partnership, 10 disadvantaged NEET youths per partner country aged between 18 and 25 will be involved in 3 mobility experiences taking place in each partner country: Italy, Romania, Sweden.


First Youth Exchange was succesfully implemented in Italy !!

Place : Uri,Sardinia
Date : Jun 2017

Activities implemented in each youth mobility took place in the facilities of the Youth Center managed by the hosting organization.
During the exchange participants attended workshops delivered through Non Formal Education and based on a specific unconventional instrument characterizing the approach to youth education of the hosting partner.
Music, Arts, Theatre
At the same time, standard NFE tools aimed at fostering group cohesion and mutual knowledge among participants were delivered with a view to facilitating peer interaction among youngsters as well as bolstering the process of intercultural learning.


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